Our turtles

Sternotherus odoratus
Common Musk Turtle


We have 3.8 adults WC 12 cm SCL from long time. Some of ours specimen have a striped pattern, they are locality form.

We house Sternotherus odoratus outdoor all the year in a large pond. They are very quiet to each others and with other north american turtles. We feed two times a week with dead fish, shrimps and turtle pudding. They never don't bask, only gravid females bask during the day.
Every year we have a lot of hatchlings. Each female lays two or three clutchs of 2-4 eggs, from May to September.
Incubation is at 28˚C in vermiculite 1:1 in weight with water. Babies take 80-90 days to come out from the eggs. The fertility of the eggs is about 95%. The hatchlings are kept in small aquarium for the first year.