Our turtles

Pangshura smithii smithii
Brown Roofed Turtle


At the moment, we have 3.0 specimen. As soon as possible, we'll buy females but these are very hard to find.

Pangshura smithii smithii is a uncommon asian turtle bred in captivity.
Our two females are 16 cm SCL, whereas the male is 13 cm. In this species, the male ussually is half of female. We keep Pangshura smithii smithii in a large aquarium, with a lot of aquatic plants and small fish. During the warm season we keep Pangshura smithii smithii in a large pond, with other asian turtles like Ocadia sinensis and Chinemys reevesi. The water temperature is 26°C during the day and 23 °C during the night. A good filter system holds a good quality of the water. We use a spot for the basking because these turtles spend a lot of time on the basking area. We feed them with vegetables, grass, water plants, fruit, fish, shrimps, and turlte pudding.