Our turtles

Mauremys (Ocadia) sinensis
Chinese Stripe-necked Turtle


At the moment, we have 2.5 specimen. Three females of these are very big and adults, the others are sub - adults.
Mauremys sinensis is a common asian turtle kept and bred in captivity.
Our three adult females are 19-24 cm SCL and more of 1,4 kg, whereas the male is 15 cm. We keep Mauremys sinensis in a large pond all year, with other asian turtles like Geoclemys hamiltonii and Pangshura smithii smithii (only during the warm season). The pond is 350x300 cm with deposition area of 1,2 mq; it's full of aquatic plants and fishes. We feed them with vegetables, grass, water plants, fruit, fish, shrimps, and turlte pudding. During the June 2007, the biggest female laid the first clutch of 11 eggs; two months later, 10 hatchlings came out and only one egg was no fertile. During the summer 2008, 9 eggs were found and in septeber 5
hatchlings came out.