Our turtles

Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis
Eastern Mud Turtle


We have from long time 2.3 breeding group WC.

All specimen are more than 10cm SCL and are reproductive. They are housed for all the year in a large and deep pond with others Kinosternidae and Emididae. We feed them only once a week with dead fish and shrimps; in the pond they can find food everytime they need. All the females lay eggs in a zone of sand but it's hard to see them during the deposition. Every year we have hatchlings: fertility is very high, usually 100%. Incubation in vermiculite 1:1 with water. After 50 days we renew the vermiculite. Babies came out after 100 days. If nobody appears after 110 days we high the humidity level and the days after we have hatchlings.