Our turtles

Kinosternon bauri
Striped Mud Turtle


We have 4 different breeding groups of two different forms coming from Florida Keys (FK) and North Florida (NF). We keep 1.1 adults of Florika Keys and 3.5 adults of North Florida.

All specimen are 7cm to 11 cm SCL and are reproductive. Males are smaller than females and specimen of FK group are bigger then NF group. Each group is housed for all the year in a large plastic tub. We feed them two times a week with dead fish and shrimps; in the tubs there're live fishes, snails and live plants; moreover each tub have one box with sand for deposition. Every year we find many eggs but we have hatchlings from 2008. Fertility is high, usually 60-70%. Incubation in vermiculite 1:1 with water, 27°-29°C and 90% of humidity. After one week, the eggs develop white blotch on their top. Hatchlings occur in 80-120 days. All hatchlings are reared in plastic tanks of  40 x 30 x 20 cm each.