Our turtles

Hydromedusa tectifera
South American Snake-necked Turtle


At the moment, we have 1.1 specimen from Uruguay. As soon as possible, we'll buy some females to create a breeding group.

Hydromedusa tectifera is one of the less commom south american snake turtle bred in captivity.
Our two specimen are 17-22 cm SCL and they have a different pattern, one is more dark then the other one.
We keep Hydromedusa tectifera in a large aquarium, with a lot of aquatic plants and small fish. The water temperature is 23°C during the day and 17°-18°C during the night. A good filter system holds a good quality of the water. We don't use a spot for the basking but only a UVB light. We feed them with fishes, shrimps, insects and turlte pudding.